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Our SK01 model, which is a member of our Taptech brand tapping machines with 220 V high efficiency servo motor, operates between M3-16. It has automatic-manual and pecking operating modes. Language selection, operating mode selection, depth setting, torque setting, forward and reverse speed adjustment can be adjusted with the buttons on the screen.

Movable and light arm mechanism on SK machines has a wide area of 1200 mm
can scan, both parts connected on the vise-type table,
as well as the machine can approach other points around the machine in the most sensitive way. Angle adjustable head of SK machines according to the position of the workpiece, horizontal, vertical, It can be adjusted at an angle and can be easily fixed at any desired angle.

Taptech SK series machines are used not only for tapping, but also for reaming, countersinking and threading. You can also use it in your operations, thanks to Taptech tapping machines,
You can do it in the shortest time and without any mistakes.

User Guide
servo motor -r.jpg

Highly Productive  Servo Motor

It has a high efficiency servo motor working at 220 V.

servo motor -kucuk -r.jpg

Light Arm Structure

Thanks to the movable, light arm structure in our Taptech tapping machines, tapping operations can be performed easily.

Hafif-Kol-Yapısı -r.jpg
Hafif-Kol-Yapısı -kucuk -r.jpg
kontrol-paneli -r.jpg

Control Panel

  • Touch screen

  • Manual, automatic and pecking modar

  • Touch depth adjustment

  • Touch torque adjustment

  • Touch forward and back sensitive speed adjustment

  • Operation data recording feature

kontrol-paneli -kucuk -r.jpg

Universal Head

The universal head system in our tapping machines enables horizontal, vertical and angle tapping according to the position of the work piece

montaj-sk01 - r.jpg
takım kırılma emniyeti -r.JPG

Tool Breakage Safety

Thanks to the  torque adjustable and with clucth type tool holders used in our tapping machine, when the tool is jammed on the tapped piece or when the end point is reached in the blind holes, the safe tool holder is activated and prevents the tool from breaking.

takım kırılma emniyeti -kucuk -r.jpg

MQL - Lubrication System

Tapping is a difficult machining process that is very sensitive to friction and heating. Applying the correct lubrication system during operation results in longer tool life, more production, more precise tolerance size, smoother threading and more efficient stock removal.

Patented MQL technology integrated into Taptech tapping machines is a technique used by adding a very small amount of oil into compressed air that moves very quickly. Lubrication is done with an aerosol consisting of fine oil droplets mixed into the air stream.

This system reduces the use of oil significantly and minimizes environmental impact. It eliminates the need for refrigerant treatment. It creates a high job security and healthy working environment.

yaglamasistemi-2A-DSCF0986 - r.jpg
yaglama -r.jpg
Teknik özellikler

Technicial Specifications

Tapping Capacity

M3 - M16

Rotation rpm



0.75 kw

Table dimensions

700 x 900

Arm size

A: _ | B: 1200 | C: _ | D: _


23 kg


Cycle Adjustment

Digital forward reverse speed adjustment

Operator Safety

24 V operating voltage for operator safety


Torque Setting

Digital torque setting

M/O Operation Capability

manual and automatic operation capability

Tool Breakage Safety

Tool breakage safety with special guide holders

Strong Trunk

Strong trunk


Movable Arm

Moving arm mechanism that can extend up to

1200 mm


Tool Changing

Quick and easy tool changing


3 Axis Operation

Vertical, horizontal and angular tapping

Ground Steel Table

10 mm table


Tapping Capacity

It easily performs tapping operations in all sizes between M3 to M16

Speed and Depth

Automatic depth adjustment and adjustable speed adjustment


Servo Motor

220 V Servo motor




MQL - Lubrication System

mengene tip masa.JPG

BSM-KT01 table

manyetik sabitleme a.jpg

magnetic fixing device

kanallı tabla.jpg

BSM-KT02 T slot table

emniyetli tutucu.jpg

M3-M16 guide holder with clutch

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