Frequently asked questions

How can I become a full-time designer at Collabor88?

At this moment, all our full-time designer spots are filled. We are currently not accepting applications.

How do I become a blogger for Collabor88?

We are not accepting blogger requests at this time. Bloggers are by invitation only.

I'm banned from the sim! Why??

Names on the ban list are carried over from our designers’ store parcels as well as the old Collabor88 sim. Many of those on the list may not need to be, and are open for removal. Staff has been more than happy to address these instances. If you find yourself banned from the sim, don’t know why and would like to request a removal, contact Collabor88 Resident.

I can't get into the sim, am I banned?

Unless you try to teleport to Collabor88 and it says you “banned from the region,” then you are not banned. Collabor88 closes every month on the 7th for designers to setup for the new round. Once we open on the 8th, the sim is full for the next few days. Please take this into consideration before contacting Collabor88 staff.

It's the 7th and I cannot get into the sim, help!

Collabor88’s sim “8 8,” is shut down to the public on the 7th of every month. This is the day designers come in to set-up their items for a new round.

I'm so laggy at Collabor88! Everything's grey, nothing is loading. This stinks!

Here are some tips and tricks for a smoother shopping experience:
> Wear a full body alpha and detach all attachments
> Detach all HUDs
> Derender the Collabor88 build
> Derender avatars around you If none of the above tips seem to be fruitful towards improving your shopping experience, consider re-visiting the sim at a different time or day. Collabor88 is open all month long. This ensures you will have enough time to comfortably obtain the items you want during a specific round.

I saw something I wanted from last month's round, but I never got it. Is it gone forever?

The event encourages its designers to sell their Collabor88 items in their mainstores after every event. Whether or not they do is the designer’s discretion.

Everything is so expensive! I thought this was a discount event!

SL has evolved and with that so has the event. SL creations aren’t as easy to produce in a short amount of time as they used to be. With more hard work from designers comes prices to match, and rightfully so. At the end of the day, it is up to designers to decide what they feel their item is worth. Collabor88 only asks that prices at the event remain in the theme of “88,” ie. 88L, 188L, 288L, and so on.

Where is Collabor88?

Collabor88 is located on the “8 8” sim.

How can I join the update group?

Paste this in the local chat of your Second Life browser and click on it: secondlife:///app/group/a96f5ba3-d60a-86ef-c92c-00991b259810/about